Aespa’s Giselle Responds To Countless Marriage Proposals During Her Recent Live Broadcast

“Do you all really want to get married?”

When fans get the opportunity to interact with their favorite idols, be it in a live chat during a broadcast or in person during a fan meeting, fans often “propose” to show their enthusiastic support. Sometimes the idols playfully accept the proposals and sometimes blatantly reject them, not wanting to give anyone false hope and bring everyone back to reality.

Most recently, aespa‘s Giselle held a live broadcast where she was inundated with fans proposing to her.

Aespa’s Giselle

When she read one proposal out loud, Giselle couldn’t help but wonder why she was suddenly getting so many proposals, especially since fans couldn’t be certain they’d be a good “match” with Giselle.

And as she scrolled through comments, mostly seeing the nonstop proposals, Giselle genuinely questioned if fans “really [wanted] to get married.”

As fans still kept asking Giselle to marry them, she just kept questioning them, playfully asking, “What [they] know about [her]?

Fans loved Giselle’s reactions to the never-ending proposals.

With some fans kidding that at least it wasn’t a direct rejection.

While others are praising her responses as a “classy” way to “reject” the fans.

But if one thing is for certain, it’s that fans love how “real” Giselle always is with them.

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