Aespa Fans Are Calling Out SM Entertainment For Once Again Allegedly Mistreating Giselle

Fans are frustrated that this continues to happen.

Aespa fans have never hesitated to demand fair treatment for all the members, especially for Giselle, who has often recieved different treatment from her members.

Most recently, fans are voicing their frustration with SM Entertainment after Giselle told fans that she had to specifically ask for her Spotify playlist to be included in aespa’s profile. Although aespa’s official Twitter announced Giselle’s playlist on September 1…

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Fans were struggling to find it on the official account.

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And fans were extra frustrated that Giselle told them she specifically asked SM Entertainment to upload the playlist. Fans assumed that her comment meant that SM Entertainment hadn’t otherwise planned to share the playlist.

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While, fortunately, her playlist is now visible on aespa’s official Spotify account, fans are voicing their frustration with the alleged mistreatment Giselle has suffered since her debut.

One Twitter user even made a thread detailing the mistreatment.

The thread included when MLB Korea mistreated Giselle by excluding her from their styling guide; fans could only click on Karina, Winter, and NingNing‘s guides.

MLB Korea also initially misspelled Giselle’s name as “Gieselle.”

The thread also discussed when Mediheal did not include Giselle or NingNing on their website after a photoshoot with all four members.

| @yjmaeri/Twitter
| @yjmaeri/Twitter

Similarly, the thread shared how CLIO excluded Giselle from their Instagram and an advertisement.

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After aespa’s performance at the Korea University Festival, the school’s Instagram account did not include any individual pictures of Giselle, unlike the other members.

Different media outlets have also come under fire from fans for blurring out Giselle’s face or excluding her from group photos.

Although Giselle has been continually praised for her professionalism despite technical difficulties during recent performances, fans cannot help but be frustrated with SM Entertainment since the problems continue to happen.

Giselle even addressed the technical difficulties, further proving her professionalism on stage.

The thread also showed the time SM Entertainment’s official account excluded Giselle while advertising aespa’s group merchandise.

MBC has also come under fire from aespa fans after The Manager mislabeled the members, like the show captioning Winter as the main vocalist of aespa rather than NingNing.

The show also excluded Giselle from the thumbnail, which was sadly unsurprising to fans.

And fans are also speaking up about netizens’ comments toward Giselle, specifically when an unexpected firework startled the idol.

Although aespa has opened up about their currently strong mentalities while dealing with hate comments, fans are understandably concerned about the mistreatment that Giselle often has to endure.

You can view the entire thread here.

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