Aespa Hilariously Photobomb Other SM Entertainment Artists’ Vlogs During SMTOWN LIVE 2022

They accepted Red Velvet’s Joy as one of their own 🤣

SM Entertainment‘s SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concerts are the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to fun moments between the artists, and many of those fun moments have included aespa.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Of course, they did prove their status as icons of their generation with impressive performances that showed the true caliber of their talent.

Aespa at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 in Tokyo | Nikkan Sports

But with interactions with their fellow labelmates that range from sweet to hilariously chaotic, aespa have also definitely proven that they are the well-loved maknae of SM Entertainment.

One thing that proved the wholesome relationship that aespa have with their senior artists is the way they made adorable appearances in their vlogs. Red Velvet‘s Joy was filming her vlog onstage, and as she approached them, aespa instantly began waving and smiling at her camera.

| @JiminsWifeMaria/Twitter 

They moved on after that, but then Joy accidentally filmed them again thinking they were her own members. As a result, aespa sweetly brought her into their own vlog for an appearance.

But Joy wasn’t the only one whose vlog aespa infiltrated. EXO‘s Suho was calmly filming his own vlog onstage when the members of aespa suddenly stopped and hilariously posed in front of his camera. Karina even gave him a thumbs up as he politely bowed in return.

If that isn’t maknae energy then we don’t know what is!

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