Fans Of aespa Praise NCT’s Xiaojun And Shotaro For Being Perfect Gentlemen Toward Winter At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 In Tokyo

“These men are so gentle and lovely.”

NCT‘s Shotaro and Xiaojun have fans swooning as they show themselves to be the perfect gentlemen toward aespa‘s Winter at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO.

The members of both NCT and aespa have had no shortage of noteworthy moments during the two SMTOWN LIVE concerts so far (in Korea and Japan). Xiaojun himself gained attention for his stunning visuals in pink hair

NCT’s Xiaojun

…while Winter went viral for serving goddess-like looks in her performance of “Step Back” with GOT the Beat.

Aespa’s Winter

Shotaro, meanwhile, earned praise for his impressive performance alongside NCT’s Sungchan and the SM Rookies, proving that they are ready to debut as a unit together!

NCT’s Shotaro | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

On the third day of SMTOWN LIVE in Tokyo, Shotaro and Xiaojun gained praise from fans as they proved to be the perfect gentlemen toward Winter. On each day of the concert, the SM Entertainment artists had all been randomly paired off and put on a cart that took them around the Tokyo Dome stadium. Shotaro and Winter were paired together on the last day, much to fans’ delight.

When they came to the end of their tour of the stadium, Winter had some difficulty opening the safety bar on their cart, just as she did when she was paired with NCT’s Jaehyun. Like Jaehyun, Shotaro instantly stepped in to help. He opened the safety bar for her and politely let her through.

They went through the other cart parked in front to get down onto the stage, where Xiaojun was waiting. Xiaojun immediately offered Winter his hand and gently helped her down.

Like the sweet friend he is, Xiaojun also helped Shotaro!

Fans, especially MYs, were utterly charmed by Xiaojun and Shotaro’s behavior. Comments online thanked both of them for their treatment of Winter…

…praising them for being so “gentle and lovely.”

And this comes after Shotaro had already shown himself to be a total gentleman toward aespa’s Karina!

Shotaro and Xiaojun’s actions, along with those of other members of NCT, have seemingly proven that NCT is a group of gentlemen. After all, they have done their best to be as polite and attentive as possible toward their aespa juniors throughout SMTOWN LIVE!

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