SM Rookies Shohei, Eunseok, And Seunghan Take The Stage With NCT’s Sungchan And Shotaro, Impressing Fans With Their Immense Talent

Fans are ready for them to debut right now!

SM Entertainment just held its first in-person family concert, SMTOWN LIVE, since 2017 at the Suwon World Cup Stadium.

The incredible lineup for the concert included SM Entertainment’s three already well-known rookies: Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok.

Shohei | @smrookies/Twitter

Seunghan | @smrookies/Twitter

Eunseok | @smrookies/Twitter

The three rookies took the stage with NCT‘s Sungchan and Shotaro for an impressive dance performance.


Shotaro | @_shotaroo_/Instagram

Since Eunseok has revealed that he is close with NCT’s Jungwoo and Sungchan, it must have been nice for him to share the stage with his friend.

Of course, the performance is leading to more speculation from fans about the five eventually debuting together as a new NCT subunit.

But many fans were more focused on simply how talented the rookies are. While fans were already familiar with Sungchan and Shotaro’s incredible skills, they were caught off guard by Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok.

Fans were especially impressed by how flawlessly they pulled off the difficult choreography.

And already want Shohei, Seunghan, and Eunseok to debut.

You can read more about them here.

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