Fans Suspect NCT’s Doyoung And Jungwoo May Have Accidentally Confirmed That The New SM Rookies Will Debut In NCT

Was that a spoiler?

Fans strongly suspect that SM Rookies Shohei, Eunseok, and Seunghan will actually debut with NCT, and here is their proof.

(From left to right) Eunseok, Shohei, Seunghan

The three new SM Rookies were announced at the beginning of July, though not many details were given about them. Fans could only speculate as to what group they would debut in. SM Entertainment reportedly has an upcoming boy group that will not be tied to NCT, so it’s possible they will debut there.

Yet, the upcoming NCT unit NCT Tokyo is seemingly a much stronger contender. For one, NCT’s Sungchan and Shotaro have been dropping hints that something big is coming, not to mention that Sungchan has mentioned several times recently that he is learning Japanese. Plus, rookie Shohei is Japanese, as is Shotaro.

Shohei | @smrookies/Twitter

However, the latest proof, according to NCTzens, lies in the SM Rookies recent guest appearance on THE NCT SHOW.

More specifically, it lies in something that was mentioned when NCT’s Doyoung and Jungwoo interviewed them. The two NCT members asked the rookies to share a little about themselves, including when they had come into the company. While Jungwoo had trained with Eunseok before…

…Doyoung had not trained with any of them, as he made his debut in 2016. Yet, he does have something in common with Shohei, and that is his age.

| NCT/YouTube 

Doyoung expressed that he’d been very interested to meet the Japanese rookie who is a fellow 96-liner. Jungwoo pointed out, “You have a lot of same-age friends from many different countries now.”

They listed out all the members of NCT that were born in 1996, including Kun, and Ten. Jungwoo joked, “It’s worldwide 1996. We have new ’96z’ now.”

Fans couldn’t help but take this as a hint that Shohei (and most likely the other SM Rookies as well) will be debuting in NCT.

Not only that, but fans are convinced that the mere presence of the SM Rookies in THE NCT SHOW proves that they will debut in NCT, as not even NCT’s collaborators have been featured in the show before.

Of course, this particular episode featured many other non-members as well, including NCT’s managers, so their guest appearance may not mean much.

The SM Rookies’ debut continues to be mired in mystery, though there are no shortage of theories about NCT Tokyo. Read further about what fans are expecting to see from Shohei’s debut right here!

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And watch the full interview with the SM Rookies on THE NCT SHOW on the link below.

Source: YouTube