Aespa’s NingNing And Super Junior’s Shindong Have An Unexpectedly Funny Moment Mid-Bow At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 In Tokyo

They got creative!

SM Entertainment‘s concert tour SMTOWN LIVE 2022 continues to deliver iconic moments between its artists—many of them with aespa! NingNing had fans amused once again during the final bow in Tokyo.

Aespa’s NingNing

From gaining praise for their impressive talent to sharing wholesome moments with their fellow artists, aespa have had all eyes on them throughout the two SMTOWN LIVE concerts so far.


At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO, aespa’s NingNing shared an unexpectedly funny moment with Super Junior‘s Shindong.

Super Junior’s Shindong

Typically, artists tend to hold hands as they take a bow at the end of the performance. So far, the members of aespa (and NingNing in particular) have made small, though hilarious, mistakes during the final bow—always adorably failing to calculate how long the bow should be.

Karina and Giselle also had an adorably awkward moment with GirlsGeneration‘s Taeyeon; unsure whether to take her hand without her permission, the aespa members had a brief moment of awkward hesitation before Taeyeon took their hands herself.

This time, they finally had that figured out. They bowed for the appropriate length of time…but instead of holding hands, NingNing and Shindong got creative. As they bowed down along with the other artists, netizens pointed out that it looked as if they were hilariously playing “rock, paper, scissors.”

| @_aescalade/Twitter 

Winter seemed to tentatively join in at the end, and both she and NingNing came back up laughing.

If there’s one thing that fans can always expect from NingNing, it’s unexpected fun moments! She shared a similar moment with NCT‘s Kun, whom she is friends with.

Though when Shindong is involved, things always get that much more fun!

Watch the full clip of the two of them on the link below.