Aespa’s Karina, Kang Hyewon, And OH MY GIRL’s Jiho Wore The Same Affordable H&M Outfit

They all served completely different vibes!

Aespa‘s Karina, former IZ*ONE‘s Kang Hyewon, and OH MY GIRL‘s Jiho all have their own unique styles that vastly differ from each other. When their outfit choices recently overlapped, each girl proved they can rock the look in their own personal ways.

The look in question is actually a matching set from H&M. It might look like luxury, but it comes with a much smaller price tag!

| H&M

The “Taffeta bow top” is a cropped white tank top with thin straps and a giant, gorgeous bow across the front. It retails for about $70 USD.

| H&M

The matching skirt, called the “Draped mini skirt,” has an elegant, wrapped look and is otherwise quite simple to let the statement bow of the top stand out. It retails for about $62 USD.

| H&M

Aespa’s Karina recently wore the outfit on the red carpet for the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

| @officialclubkbs/Twitter

She added her own touch by pairing a long sleeve, off-the-shoulder top underneath.

| @officialclubkbs/Twitter

It gave her added coziness but still showed off her stunning neckline.

| @officialclubkbs/Twitter

To finish her classy look, she wore some simple white heels.

| @ae2bull/Twitter

Similarly, OH MY GIRL’s Jiho also wore her look to the red carpet for the 2021 KBS Song Festival.

| @wm_ohmygirl/Instagram

She wore the outfit as is and decided to add some dangling earrings.

Her white, block heels also had little bows and added to her girly style!

| Top Daily

Lastly, Kang Hyewon wore the look in a new teaser photo for her Winter Special Album [W]. She went for an updo, pearl necklace, and some lacey gloves and tights to create the perfect winter princess look!

| @hyemu_official/Twitter

So, who wore it best? Clearly all of them killed it!

Same Fit, Different Vibes