Aespa Karina’s Viral Hair Choreography Was A Happy Accident… Though Maybe Not For Winter

Even Karina’s hair is “next level!”

Aespa‘s Karina has gone viral multiple times for her beauty, whether she posts a new selfie or is seen in public filming a new project. She captivates fans’ eyes with even the simplest things — like her “hair choreography” in “Next Level!”

Karina from aespa. | MMTG/YouTube 

In the introduction of “Next Level,” Karina flips her gorgeous hair behind her. Clips of this moment have gotten millions of views across social media platforms, like this video that has over 4.5 million!

During an appearance on MMTG, Karina revealed that the hair flip was actually unintentional; she accidentally did it while filming and decided to keep it.

At first, it was a mistake, but I reviewed the shooting and it was okay. So after that I just did the hair thing every time!

— Karina

| MMTG/YouTube 

Because fans love her hair “splash” so much, Karina usually doesn’t perform with her hair up so that she can do it well.

Jaejae: Some say they feel sad when you don’t do the hair flip.

Karina: [Laughs] So I didn’t put my hair up often.

Jaejae: Ponytail’s not allowed for “Next Level!”

| MMTG/YouTube 

Her hair choreography is definitely one of the highlights in “Next Level” for fans, but for Winter who’s next to Karina in the dance, it can be a shock!

Winter from aespa. | MMTG/YouTube 

She revealed that sometimes Karina’s hair will hit her in the face while doing the dance. However, like the professional idol she is, she never lets it show!

| MMTG/YouTube 

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube