Korean Netizens Respond To aespa Karina’s Visuals And Performance With EXO’s Kai For Hyundai

Here’s what they had to say.

aespa hasn’t even officially debuted and member Karina already has a commercial ad (CF) under her belt! The impressive rookie recently starred in a showcase for Hyundai‘s latest car model, alongside EXO‘s Kai. The two pulled off an impressive dance performance on stage.

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For those who have yet to watch the CF, the two mysteriously meet in a magical forest. Later on, they dance together on a darkened stage.

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After Kai seemingly awakens from a dream, he runs into her on an elevator.

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The two seem awkward at first until Kai recognizes Karina.

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As she smiles and greets him, and the two seem to form a connection.

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Her short but impactful appearance on the virtual showcase immediately went viral on online communities.

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Netizens were praising Karina for her visuals and stunning performance.

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  • “She looks uniquely pretty.”
  • “Her face is so small.”
  • “She looks exactly like Yeoreum.”
  • “She looks charming.”
  • “Her mole is charming.”
  • “She looks charmingly pretty.”
  • “F*cking pretty.”
  • “It’s just Yeoreum.”
  • “Oh, jjang pretty.”
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  • “Pretty.”
  • “Looks like a mix of Moonbyul, Yeoreum and ViVi.”
  • “She looks like a fish…”
  • “She looks like a similar type to Anya Taylor-Joy kekeke”
  • “She looks pretty..”
  • “The way they’re forcing the public to learn about her by route kekekeke As expected of being pushed by a huge company.”
  • “The second pic looks like Taeyeon with strong makeup. Her face is really small though.”

Catch Karina and Kai’s epic performance below!

Source: theqoo and theqoo


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