Aespa Looks Completely Different In Soft, Natural Makeup — Here Are Their IRL Looks

The members share what they actually look like every day.

During a recent interview with ELLE Korea, the members of aespa gushed about their go-to makeup techniques. For performances, the girls are often given “strong and fancy” makeup styles.

These gorgeous styles are dramatic enough to survive in the harsh lighting of the stage. However, in daily life, the members opt for a different style.

Karina in stage makeup | @aespa_official/Instagram

NingNing shared that her usual makeup look is completely different than what she wears on stage.

Usually, I like a really neat and natural vibe.

— NingNing

This can be seen in NingNing’s casual photos. She typically adds a thin, natural eyeliner, soft brows, and a natural-looking lip color.


Winter revealed she has a similar vibe to NingNing, but plays up different parts of her looks.

To make the skin tone lively, I just use blush or lip balm. And I tend to accentuate the eyelashes.

— Winter

Many times, fans will see Winter rocking this makeup style in her casual photos. She combines a natural look with her doll-like eyelashes to create a cute, everyday style.


Karina shared that she has a natural flush so she doesn’t need to add much blush.

If she wants to make more of an impact, however, she will take one color and use it on both her lips and cheeks.

This technique is great for creating cohesive looks. Plus, it also saves time and money!

| @aespa_official/Instagram

Giselle‘s personal makeup style is very light, as if she’s not wearing any makeup.

However, she might add a lip product just so she’s not completely barefaced!

Giselle’s soft lip color is enough to liven up her entire skintone.


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