Here Is How Much Each Of The 4th Generation Girl Groups’ Social Media Subscribers Have Grown In The Past Five Months

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Social media is one of the greatest tools of the current generation. It is also a good way to gauge a group’s popularity globally, thanks to the easily visible number of subscribers. Here’s how each of the 4th generation girl groups is faring in terms of social media subscriber growth from May 4, 2023, to October 21, 2023.

1. YouTube

aespa started with the most number of subscribers on YouTube. They made an increase from 4,430,000 to 4,870,000. NewJeans quickly overtook them, increasing from 3,550,000 to 5,960,000. That’s some huge growth there! IVE went from 2,560,000 to 3,040,000. LE SSERAFIM went from 2,860,000 to 3,940,000.


2. Instagram

These numbers are only based on their official group accounts. aespa has the most with 11,430,000 followers, an increase from their previous 10,470,000. Next, we have NewJeans with 10,120,000 followers, up from their previous 7,500,000. LE SSERAFIM totals at 6,600,000 followers compared to their previous 4,540,000. IVE increased from 3,450,000 to 4,180,000.


3. Twitter

Twitter is great for conveying quick updates and posts. aespa has the most with 3,890,000 followers on their official account. The rest of the groups run both an official and a member account. The following numbers are the totals. NewJeans has 2,980,000 followers in total. IVE has 3,210,000 followers. Last but not least, LE SSERAFIM has 2,400,000 followers in total.

4. TikTok

With dance challenges all the rage, we can’t leave out TikTok! NewJeans went from 6,800,000 to 9,800,000 followers in the last five months. aespa went from 6,500,000 to 8,200,000. IVE, who does the least challenges out of all the groups, increased from 4,700,000 to 5,900,000. LE SSERAFIM went from 4,900,000 to a whopping 7,700,000.


5. Spotify

Finally, we have the number of Spotify subscribers. NewJeans went from 3,200,000 to 5,730,000. aespa. also went from 3,050,000 to 3,840,000. IVE increased from 2,040,000 to 2,960,000, while LE SSERAFIM grew from 2,000,000 to 3,240,000.


It seems like NewJeans is truly the top of the generation, along with aespa! IVE is showing great growth as the most rookie out of the bunch, while LE SSERAFIM is steadily growing.

Source: theqoo