Aespa’s NingNing Gains Attention For Her Real-Life Visuals As Taken On Phone Cameras

She’s in her era.

Aespa‘s NingNing recently gained attention for her real-life visuals taken by phone cameras. Broadcast and professional cameras are known to make one look bloated and heavier than they are in real life. With phone cameras, especially taken from afar, the distortion is almost little to none. Here is how NingNing looks like in real-life.

| @sleeping_bby/Twitter

Fans were stunned by how petite she actually is.

| @sleeping_bby/Twitter

Up close, she looks even more surreal.

NingNing’s visuals have been on the rise with the group’s latest comeback. These photos certainly prove as much.

She looks like a complete goddess, even from low angles.

Many agreed that this is her era.

This photo became the most talked-about one in terms of her real-life visuals. From her hair to her outfit and body, everything was flawless.

Those who caught a glimpse of her in real-life at the Akaraka 2023 Yonsei University festival that weekend couldn’t help but fall for her.

Netizen reactions to NingNing’s phone camera visuals. | Nate Pann
  • I hope that they continue to do this makeup for NingNing instead of her “Black Mamba” one in the future. All of her fancams this time are legendary.
  • But aren’t NingNing’s visuals the most undivided in terms of opinions? Of course, her real-life visuals would also be super pretty. My taste is Winter but for visuals, it’s NingNing. Her features are delicate, but her eyes are refreshingly wide. Her physique is a little lacking, but her visuals and talent are all above average, and she’s surprisingly funny. I think it’s about time people stop saying aespa is all about Kar-Win. I was annoyed at those who kept crapping about that, but I’m so glad she finally got makeup that suits her and that her visuals are finally seeing the light.
  • Wow, celebrities are celebrities, for sure. When I take photos with the back camera, I don’t even look human.
  • I think NingNing in particular, looks more bloated on camera than she is.
  • My friend saw her right in front of their eyes, and they said that they couldn’t help but keep looking at Ningie. The camera doesn’t do her justice.

With “Spicy,” NingNing is finally getting the recognition that she deserves.

Source: Nate Pann


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