The Camera Adds 10 Pounds — aespa’s NingNing Wows With Her Real-Life Visuals

She’s gorgeous all the time.

Aespa’s NingNing has always been known for her visuals. Her unique, cat-like face has been creating buzz since her debut. She recently made a comeback with “Spicy,” shocking fans with her upgraded visuals. NingNing lost a healthy amount of weight between comebacks, leading to much attention about her rising beauty.

NingNing for “Spicy.” | SM Entertainment

The girls recently performed in New York City for the Governors Ball, and NingNing slayed as per usual. She wore a red bustier top and a matching skirt.

While she looked amazing, fans couldn’t help but she surprised at how NingNing appeared to be more swollen than normal on the big screen.

Here’s a look at the broadcasted video on-site. NingNing’s petite frame appeared larger than it actually is.

Just three days later, NingNing showed up in China for the filming of The Next Stage. Pictures and videos taken by phone cameras showed her looking as slim as ever.

NingNing wore a similar outfit consisting of a bustier top and a flared skirt. Despite the similar silhouette as her stage outfit at the Governors Ball, NingNing looked significantly thinner here.

The difference between NingNing’s frame in real life, as taken by phone cameras, versus on broadcast, gave the public a reality check once more. With the camera adding 10 pounds, it’s no wonder that many idols go on harsh diets to achieve their ideal look on camera.

  • She’s really skinny, wow. But it seems like she did lose some weight. She looks so good with weight off. Gives me Jennie vibes.
  • Just seems like she lost some weight between the pictures… Do you guys think cameras will really make people look bigger?
  • [Reply to above] The photos were taken three days apart.
  • Wow, pretty.
  • I went to Galleria today and I saw IVE’s Liz. Everyone was criticizing her for being chubby but she’s super pretty and cute and skinny IRL. F*ck it, she’s not chubby. She’s so pretty that I became a fan as soon as I saw her.

This is not the first time that the public has realised the difference between real-life and on camera. See more examples below.

The Camera Adds 10 Pounds … The Real Reason Why Idols Have To Diet

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