Ningning Confesses To Having Trained The Longest Among aespa Members

She comes with loads of training.

aespa recently spoke in an interview on MBC‘s Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon where the members talked about their true thoughts and feelings following their debut.

aespa’s Winter confessed that it still hasn’t hit her yet.

Since we’re performing without an audience, it actually hasn’t hit me yet that we debuted. That part saddens me.

— Winter

On the other hand, Karina listed the times when reality does hit her.

Popular videos trend on YouTube, and when ours is there, it hits me. My dream as a trainee was to hear my song out on the streets, so it’s sad that we can’t go out right now.

— Karina

Giselle didn’t hesitate to share that she trained for a short duration of time before their debut, and that motivates her to work harder.

I personally didn’t train for very long, so I want to make an effort to learn and get better.

— Giselle

That’s when Ningning revealed that she actually trained for the longest period of time among the aespa members.

I trained for 5 years, and I actually trained for the longest time among the members.

— Ningning

Despite her training, Ningning admitted that she felt pressured when she found out she would debut.

When they told me I was going to debut, I felt pressured, but I was just thankful for the support and encouragement of our superiors. As a result, I’m enjoying it more than anything.

— Ningning

aespa debuted in the middle of last month and took the K-Pop world by storm with their natural talent and outstanding visuals.

Best of luck to the rookies in their many years to come as idols!

Source: Insight