Aespa’s Ningning Looked At IVE’s Yujin In The Most Heart-Fluttering Way And Fans Can’t Get Enough

We can’t tell who we’re more jealous of.

The latest 4th generation celebrity friendship has been announced and its none other than IVE‘s Yujin and aespa‘s NingNing. No one knows how it started but one day during 2021’s Gayo Daejun, NingNing was seen smiling mysteriously after glancing at Yujin.

Fans loved it.

  • “It’s like a combination of a cat and a puppy”
  • “The two look so different but their visual combination matches well”
  • “I love their visual combination. Welcoming such friendships.”

While everyone was buzzing about the potential friendship, NingNing went ahead and confirmed it herself through Dear. U Bubble. She told fans about the budding friendship between the two by praising Yujin and sharing a cute selfie.

The two look like polar opposites but both incredibly gorgeous.

NingNing confirmed that the two had met.

  • “I met Yujining”
  • “Cutie.”

Yujin also shared with fans about the encounter.

  • “And at Gayo Daejun”
  • “I met NingNing unnie”
  • “Unnie told me she uploaded a photo.”
  • “Did you see it?”
  • “How did you guys get to see it?”

We’re certainly loving this friendship! Not too long ago we found out that aespa’s Karina had gotten close with ITZY‘s Yeji. Hopefully we get to see more 4th generation interactions!

Source: pann