Aespa’s NingNing Apologizes To Fans, Causing Fans To Voice Their Frustration With SM Entertainment

“Why does NingNing have to apologize for [SM Entertainment’s] incompetency.”

Aespa have just made their latest comeback with “Spicy,” and fans love the catchy song, stunning visuals, and fun choreography.

But fans are also raising concerns after NingNing took to a messaging app to talk to fans about the new song.

Aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Twitter

NingNing: I’ve been listening to this song since my debut, and I loved it even then, so I said I really wanted to do it later. I finally did it!!!!

NingNing: Like this.. Summer style aespa.. What do you think? It’s unfamiliar.

But although NingNing was excitedly talking about the group’s comeback, she also reassured fans not to “be sad.

NingNing: Don’t be sad… That part… Well.. It’s always a problem.. It’s okay.. Haha

And even as she kept apologizing, NingNing thanked fans for their continued support of the group’s comebacks.

NingNing: Sorry. But thank you so much. I’ve heard all about you guys’ support. I’ll work even harder for this comeback!

NingNing: I’m very thankful for you all, for every comeback

Before telling fans just how diligently she is working and sharing her concern for their wellbeing.

NingNing: I will do my best for this comeback

NingNing: I only slept for 20 minutes last night!!! I’m thinking about going to bed early

NingNing: I’ll take a nap!!!! I’ll come back if I wake up early If I sleep by tomorrow, I’ll come tomorrow

NingNing: I love you

NingNing: Remember to have dinner

Although NingNing didn’t specify what exactly she was apologizing for or having to reassure fans about, fans suspected NingNing was likely talking about the line distribution for “Spicy.”

Despite being the group’s main vocalist, fans have often voiced their displeasure that NingNing typically gets fewer lines in a song than fans think is fair.

And while fans were pleased with the line distribution for the pre-release single “Welcome to MY World,” thrilled that “NingNing got good lines…

Fans were unhappy that in “Spicy,” NingNing’s line distribution was “extremely disappointing.” Especially since many of her lines seem to be short adlibs.

Of course, fans don’t blame the other members of aespa who didn’t have anything to do with the line distribution, but they demand that SM Entertainment give NingNing fairer treatment.

And fans are reassuring NingNing that she has nothing to apologize for since she has worked so hard to give fans the best performances possible.

Although NingNing didn’t confirm what she was apologizing for, at least she can be reassured that fans will always have her back.

You can read more about fans’ recent concerns here.

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