Aespa’s NingNing Receives Attention For Her Transformation After Changing Her Makeup Style

Which do you prefer?

Aespa‘s NingNing has always rocked the girl crush look since her debut. With the group’s futuristic and fierce theme with “Black Mamba,” she was often styled with thick eyeliner and cat-like makeup.

The group’s comeback with “Spicy” brought about a refreshing change for the girls. Going for a cuter summer concept, aespa was decked out in pink with light makeup to match.

The sporty-cute concept was debuted at their showcase for the comeback on May 8, 2023. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see that NingNing underwent a makeup transformation.

Compared to her usual dark lipstick and heavy eye makeup, they went for the fresh look this time with grapefruit blush and juicy lips.

Fans complimented the look, loving the bubbly vibes.

Compared to her previous makeup, this suits her young age more.

She’s glowing!

This was her previous look for comparison.

Netizens are in love with her visuals in this comeback. Of course, some missed her girl crush vibes.

| theqoo
  • I think [her look] is always pretty in a way that matches the concept, both before and now.
  • I really liked her previous style as it’s more my type, but this changed one is so pretty.
  • This is way prettier.
  • She looks way younger.
  • This is much better. The previous makeup was too strong.
  • They said her real-life looks are amazing. I’m really curious.
  • Did you do your makeup lighter after catching the “Black Mamba?”

NingNing definitely proved that she can slay any concept! She looks gorgeous in both makeup styles.

Source: theqoo


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