Aespa Is Praised For Justly Being Critical Of SM Entertainment

“It’s so funny watching SM artists dissing their label.”

SM Entertainment‘s hallmark fourth-generation group, aespa, is being praised by netizens for their comments criticizing the label.

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On February 16, aespa members Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing held an impromptu livestream with fans ahead of their upcoming concert.

aespa members’ livestream | Wikitree

During the livestream, the members revealed they are hard at work to make sure they put on a great show for their fans.

We decided to have a surprise livestream while practicing for the concert. We will be revealing our new song during the show. We are really working hard for you guys. It’s a little hard because we are learning various new choreographies since it’s our first concert. Also, we have a big event for you guys, so make sure you guys come well-rested.

— aespa members

Winter, who was reading fans’ comments, then suddenly commented on the concerts’ ticket prices and the fact that it costs money for fans to watch the concert online.

What? Do they have to pay to watch online? It’s also expensive (to watch) online. It costs [/krw]60000[/krw] (to watch online).

— Winter

Then other members chimed in, stating that they didn’t agree with the prices.

Even I am disappointed (for you guys).

— aespa members

The members then spoiled their set list for the concert and ended their livestream by thanking fans.

Thank you for enjoying our livestream. Please look out for our concert and eat well and let’s all be healthy.

— aespa

Netizens praised the members for being critical of the label and siding with their fans. Some alleged that the members were underhandedly dissing SM Entertainment for its current state.

  • “They have several reasons to be alarmed by their label…”
  • “Wow, these rookies are tough, LOL.”
  • “It’s so funny (watching) SM artists dissing their label.”
  • “It’s ₩60,000 KRW (about $46.50 USD)? The price rose, right? It’s so expensive.”
  • “It really is expensive, ㅠㅠ. They raised the prices again.”

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Source: wikitree
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