Here’s How aespa Thinks SHINee Key’s “BAD LOVE” Fits Into The SMCU

Do you think Key’s been to KWANGYA? 🤔

aespa recently reacted to SHINee Key‘s “Bad Love” music video, and they think the video may be connected to the SM Cultural Universe (SMCU)!

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

While they reacted to the “BAD LOVE” music video, the aespa members were in awe of Key’s amazing vocals, the video’s cinematography, and Key’s gorgeous costumes.

| aespa/YouTube

At one point, Giselle mentioned that Key was wearing goggles just like she did in aespa’s “Savage” music video. She seemed genuinely excited to have a subtle fashion connection to her SM Entertainment senior.

“Goggles! I wore goggles too!” | aespa/YouTube

Key chose a retro-space concept for “BAD LOVE,” so he’s shown in a spaceship during the music video. As aespa’s own videos and concepts have been related to the SMCU, they wondered if Key’s latest video was connected to the SMCU, too.

As they watched Key fly through space, Winter asked “Isn’t that a spaceship?” Almost immediately, Giselle, Ningning, and Karina asked “Is it KWANGYA?”

Winter wondered if Key had been to KWANGYA just like aespa has, and Karina asked “Is he a killer, too?”

Some fans have theorized that Red Velvet may be connected to Black Mamba, the SMCU’s villain, and it looks like aespa thinks Key might take on a villainous role, even though SHINee was previously introduced as The Five Lights in a video called “SMCU the Origin.”

While nobody outside of SM Entertainment knows for sure whether Key’s “BAD LOVE” is related to the SMCU, aespa certainly seems to think there may be a connection there!

Check out aespa’s full reaction to “BAD LOVE” below.

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