Aespa’s Stylist Comes Under Fire For The Girls’ Recent Stage Outfits For “Thirsty”

“Legendarily tacky.”

Girl group aespa recently came back with “Spicy.” The girls also performed their B-Side, “Thirsty,” on Music Bank as a treat. “Thirsty” was one of the most loved B-Sides, making the performance all the more special for fans.

Despite the high anticipation, the outfits for the performance fell short of fans’ expectations. Giselle and Karina were dressed in turtlenecks, despite Korea approaching the summer season. The oversized white shirt on Giselle seemed a little out of place paired with the turtleneck. Karina was also covered up with a navy button-down. While both NingNing and Winter‘s outfits were trendy, there was little cohesion between all of the members’ outfits.

Fans understood that the concept seemed to be based on 90s and 00s sitcoms, with the track video font being inspired by “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”

Many felt that the outfits in the track video would have been better than the stage ones. Although mostly similar, the slight changes, such as with Giselle and Karina’s outerwear, made them look needlessly bulky.

aespa in the track video for “Thirsty.” | SM Entertainment

The stylist came under fire for the outfits as fans expressed their disappointment.

| Nate Pann
  • You could tell me that those clothes are their off-duty outfits and no one would doubt it. I’m saying that they don’t look like idols’ outfits.
  • Button downs and turtlenecks… LOL. Legendarily tacky.
  • It’s May but the stylist who chose to dress them in turtlenecks… Sigh.
  • I think they would’ve suited airy and feminine clothing more… A pity.
  • They look like they’d be a bit hot.

Despite the outfits, the girls still rocked the performance. Catch their performance for “Thirsty” below.

Source: Nate Pann


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