aespa’s Winter Reveals That The AI Concept Is Stressing Her Out – Here’s Why

Fans love her just the way she is though!

The girls of aespa recently guested on SBS Power FM‘s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time where they shared how they each got cast and more. Winter also shared her thoughts about the AI concept that SM Entertainment is testing out for the first time with the group.

| Star Today 

The host asked the girls if they liked each of their individually designed avatars. Of course, aespa praised their alter-egos, sharing that it is like having a new version of themselves, and both fans and the members alike get to experience something new.

While Karina made the studio laugh by sending a message to her avatar saying she will earn money and feed her, Winter shared her concerns about the concept.

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Winter revealed that the avatars were made with the girls in mind, using the members’ data. However, in her case, the avatar was so beautifully drawn that she felt pressure comparing up to it!

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Indeed, when the AI concept first came out, many netizens drew comparisons between the girls and their counterparts. We’re sure fans love Winter just the way she is though!

Source: Star Today