Even More Of aespa Winter’s Childhood Photos Because We Love Seeing It

A natural cutie!

It seems like aespa‘s Winter has a never-ending parade of childhood photos, and they’re all super cute! Previously, her friends released a whole bunch of photos that already proved the star was a natural beauty. Today, online communities seem to have gotten hold of more!

This one’s a little grainy due to the rest of her class being cropped out, but it can’t hide her beauty.

| pann

It seems like this was part of a elementary school or kindergarten performance. She’s dressed in traditional Korean clothing.

| pann

Seems like she loved being on stage since young.

| pann

Netizens speculate this was taken in middle school. Her nose was already ultra-defined back then!

| pann

She looks exactly the same!

Winter definitely proves she’s a millennial baby with the lack of embarrassing childhood photos. Of course, with features as beautiful as hers, any photo would turn out to be a masterpiece!

Source: pann