Aespa’s Winter Can’t Stop Crying After Ghost Prank — And Her Members’ Reactions Prove To Be True Sibling Behavior

“They truly meant it when they said they’re family.”

Aespa showcased their hilarious sibling energy after being victims of a ghost prank, especially when Winter was left particularly shaken.

Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

Fans can now see plenty of fun aespa moments in their first reality show, Synk Road. The show has been the perfect opportunity for the members to really showcase their unique personalities—which have proven to be extremely chaotic. NingNing even accidentally recreated a classic K-Pop viral moment during the special live stream, which left her members hilariously shook.

In the latest episode ofSynk Road, the members were asked to pop a balloon as part of their mission…by hugging a “ghost.” Each member handled it completely differently, to the point where fans couldn’t help laughing at the difference in their personalities.

Where Karina had a surprisingly sweet exchange with the ghost…

…NingNing’s was pure comedy.

Giselle amused fans when she got scared…

But Winter went beyond that. As soon as she saw the ghost, she burst into tears—and did not stop!

The “ghost” ended up having to pop her balloon for her.

When she returned to her members after completing her mission, she was a mess.

This did not fail to amuse the others, proving that aespa really do have a true sibling bond!

Luckily, Winter was soon fine again, but not before having thoroughly made fans laugh—and melted their hearts with her cuteness.

Read further about aespa’s chaotic shenanigans on Synk Road right here.

Aespa’s NingNing Accidentally Recreates One Of K-Pop’s Most Iconic Viral Moments With Hilarious “NSFW” Blunder


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