Aespa’s Winter Couldn’t Wear A Beret To The GUCCI Cruise For This Hilarious And Unexpected Reason

It looked so cute, but there was a problem.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, aespa‘s Winter showcased the process of getting ready for the 2024 GUCCI Cruise.

While getting her makeup done, she talked about how she loved looking at her mom’s makeup when she was young and was particularly fascinated with eye shadows and lipsticks.

Of course, she displayed her signature goofy and adorable personality throughout the process!

However, many fans might not have known that Winter’s iconic look originally included a beret that would compliment her short hairstyle.

Unfortunately, the beret couldn’t fit, despite being a size medium, due to her head size!

Known for her small face and head, fans found this totally ironic. Just how small was that beret?!

In the end, she didn’t need the beret to look gorgeous and debuted her iconic look!

Watch the full video below.