Aespa’s Winter “Hides Under A Table” To Spoil The Group’s Practice For An Unreleased Song

“Winter just spoiled the new song and choreo on IG live!!!”

Fans of the girl group aespa have continually voiced their concerns about the group’s lack of a comeback.

aespa | SM Entertainment

Although the talented group has continually impressed netizens with their skills, their last comeback, “Girls,” was released seven months ago. Fans feel that SM Entertainment has failed to capitalize on the group’s popularity.

Instead, SM Entertainment seems even to be prioritizing aespa’s metaverse character Nævis (also known as NAVIS or Naevis) instead of the popular girl group.

Nævis | aespa/YouTube

Of course, SM Entertainment is currently embroiled in a battle between HYBE and Kakao, who are trying to become the largest shareholder in the company. SHINee‘s Key has even vocalized how the current changes in the company are affecting the artists.

Aespa themselves have addressed fans’ concerns, directly reassuring fans.

| @chopard/Instagram

Most recently, Winter held an Instagram live for fans.

Where she showed all of aespa rehearsing the performance for an unreleased song, “Thirsty.”

Even playing part of the song so fans could hear it clearly.

Fans joked about Winter’s new position as the spoiler queen.

And are beyond grateful she gave fans a direct update that the group is working on new content.

You can read more about aespa’s upcoming plans here.

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