SHINee Key’s Comments On SM Entertainment’s Current State Go Viral

“The label is distracted right now, so…”

SHINee‘s Key recently addressed the current state of SM Entertainment.

Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Recently, HYBE announced that it had bought the majority of SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man‘s shares, making the label the largest shareholder in the company.

HYBE Purchases Lee Soo Man’s SM Entertainment Stock, Officially Becomes Highest Shareholder In Company

The news was a shock to the K-Pop industry. Although the full ramifications of Lee Soo Man’s decision to sell his shares to HYBE are still unknown, its consequences are already being felt.

On February 13, SM Entertainment artist, and SHINee member, Key held a livestream. During the livestream, many fans messaged the artist asking for him to hold an encore concert. To this, Key replied he also wished to hold one but isn’t sure who he needs to speak with due to SM Entertainment’s current affairs.

I want to hold it too, but who do I need to speak with so that they will hold the concert? I am someone who wants it just as much as the next person, but I don’t know. The label is distracted right now, so…Anyways…

— Key

The clip of Key commenting on his label’s current state of affairs quickly went viral. Many fans supported Key, stating they understood why the SM Entertainment artist didn’t seem the most enthusiastic about his label.

  • “That senile grandpa.”
  • “If I was him, I would also feel hopeless and restless. The (label’s) singers don’t deserve this.”
  • “After 15 years in the company, he has the right to say this. In fact, the sunbaes need to speak up so that their hoobaes can also say something.”
  • “That doesn’t seem rehearsed, but it seems like he really meant it, ㅠㅠ. He’s been with SM for so long. The artists are also company employees, so of course, it’s okay for him to say this and feel concerned.”
  • “I can’t believe one man’s greed has caused the artists to say something like this…”
  • “I understand him since all of their plans may go up in smoke…”
  • “Even I feel disturbed (by recent events)… so I can only imagine what the artists and employees are going through.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment employees’ reactions to HYBE’s takeover are going viral. You can read more about it in the link below.

“I’ve Lost My Motivation” SM Entertainment Employees’ Reactions To HYBE’s Takeover Go Viral


Source: theqoo
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