“I’ve Lost My Motivation” SM Entertainment Employees’ Reactions To HYBE’s Takeover Go Viral

“I used to be proud that I worked at SM…”

SM Entertainment employees’ reactions to HYBE‘s takeover on the Blind app are going viral.

Lee Soo Man | Korea Times

Earlier, it was reported that SM Entertainment employees overwhelmingly were against HYBE’s takeover. According to a report from Star News, 85% of SM Entertainment employees voted that they were against the takeover on the Blind app, a popular platform for employees which requires users to verify where they work.

85% Of Surveyed SM Entertainment Employees Disapprove Of HYBE’s Takeover Of SM

Now, company reviews by SM Entertainment’s employees are going viral. One employee, in particular, wrote about how she lost her sense of pride in her work after SM Entertainment became a HYBE subsidiary.

What is this feeling? ㅠㅠ. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we began holding more concerts, and the company started to perform better. I used to work with a sense of pride, telling myself, ‘Yeah! Let’s regain our number 1 spot!’ And although the work was overwhelming, after each project, I felt a sense of anticipation. LOL.

But now I’ve been robbed of those feelings. From now on, no matter how well our artists do, we’ll be nothing more than a subsidiary that performs well… I just feel all of our tradition and history has been denied, ㅠㅠ.

Am I the only one who feels this way? ㅠㅠ, I feel so melancholic…

— SM Entertainment employee

Other employees consoled the post’s author, with many other employees writing that they felt the same way. Many stated that they had lost motivation after HYBE’s takeover.

  • “I feel the same way. I once really wanted to do well.”
  • “Seriously, I used to be proud that I worked at SM, but it crumbled in an instant.”
  • “(SM Entertainment) sold its history, and I feel I’ve lost my motivation. I was able to withstand it because it was SM, and the company was once my pride.”
  • “Although we are no longer first in the industry, I still felt proud since it was SM Entertainment. (Lee Soo Man) you’ve thrown away our very last ounce of pride.”
  • “(Lee Soo Man), this really isn’t it. Although you are someone who doesn’t care why we are still here.”
  • “It’s seriously so disappointing. My pride is hurt. It angers me that despite all the love I put into my work, I am not able to speak up against these types of changes in the company.
  • “(Lee Soo Man) I’m sure you also have, but I dedicated my youth to this company in hopes it does well… But this isn’t it.”

Recently, HYBE announced it has agreed to acquire the largest stake in SM Entertainment. HYBE also announced that Lee Soo Man would not have a role in the company.

Source: theqoo
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