After School And Orange Caramel’s Lizzy Taken In For Drunk Driving

Here’s what happened.

It was reported that After School and Orange Caramel‘s Lizzy (also known as Park Soo Ah) has been involved in a drunk driving case. She committed a DUI (driving under influence) resulting in an accident.

According to DongA Ilbo, the accident occurred around 10.12pm KST on May 18, 2021, near the Cheongdamdong Youngdong Bridge. Lizzy had been driving drunk and she had crashed into a taxi that was ahead of her. It is said that after running some tests, the police deemed that there was enough alcohol in her system to warrant a cancellation of her drivers’ license.

Thankfully, neither she nor the taxi driver was severely injured. There were no passengers in either car. Lizzy has admitted to her crime and the police claim she sounded duly regretful of her actions and participated diligently in investigations.

She has since been taken in for custody and the police are under investigation. Lizzy’s agency has yet to speak up on the matter

Source: DongA
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