(★BREAKING) After School’s So Young reveals famous actor made her roll up her shirt, and expose her bra

Yoo So Young suffered from sexual harassment more than once.

Ex-After School member Yoo So Young has revealed she was ordered to expose her bra and touch men during an acting class taught by a famous actor.

She revealed it all on an episode of Channel A‘s Heard It On The Grapevine that discussed the #MeToo movement.


A teacher ordered her to expose herself, and, unfortunately, that same teacher is still active in the teaching industry.

“The acting teacher told us to tuck our clothes into the shape of our underwear and stand beside the male students with our skin touching.” — So Young


When So Young questioned his teaching methods, the teacher told her that learning to act meant not having any embarrassment or hesitation between men and women.

When she refused, the teacher insisted angrily, embarrassing her by saying loudly, “everyone else is doing it so why can’t you?” She still refused so he told her to get out of her class.


She left the class in tears and called her management agency to tell them that she wouldn’t go back.

She never attended a class taught by that actor again.


Sadly, this isn’t So Young’s first experience with sexual harassment. Last year she confessed she was assaulted by an entertainment agency’s CEO who later refused to sign a contract with her.

Former After School Member Confesses That She Was Sexually Abused Multiple Times


Thankfully, she was able to avoid farther harassment. As an actress of the same industry, she hopes no other student will be victimized by the actor.

Source: Sports Chosun

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