Agencies Respond To Accusations Of Wooshin Touching Somi’s Breasts

Following accusations that UP10TION‘s Wooshin had touched I.O.I‘s Somi inappropriately, the two SBS MTV The Show hosts’ agencies have issued official responses. 

After a short Christmas message video was released on SBS MTV The Show‘s official Twitter, Wooshin faced accusations that he had intentionally brushed Somi’s chest with his arm. But after a quick analysis, it was clear that Wooshin’s arm gestures definitely innocent.

To clarify the situation, I.O.I’s agency YMC Entertainment and UP10TION’s agency TOP Media released official responses. The two companies and the program have all confirmed that the incident was purely accidental and that they are surprised the controversy even existed. Read the responses below:

“The filming was conducted while the manager was watching and after checking with Somi, Wooshin and the manager there was no such physical contact.

Jeon Somi expressed worry and surprise over such assumptions being made.

We would like to once again state that the accusations being made are not true. We will be careful not to worry fans again. Thank you”

— YMC Entertainment and SBS MTV The Show

Hello this is TOP Media.

We would like to make a statement with regards to the SBS MTV THE SHOW Christmas video.

We have confirmed that no such physical contact was made with Wooshin and Somi and Jeon Somi confirmed that no such thing happened.

We also confirmed that she was not surprised or made uncomfortable by such actions during filming.

Wooshin has promised that as a public figure he will be more careful not to cause such misunderstandings again.

We pray that no misunderstandings happen due to assuming comments again and apologize for worrying fans and everyone else.

— TOP Media

Source: Sports Donga