Ahn Bo Hyun Claims His Agency Warns Him Not To Be Himself In Public

His actual personality is not as it seems.

Actor, Ahn Bo Hyun recently made an appearance on MBC‘s Kim Shin Young’s Song of Hope at Noon where he revealed the truth about his actual personality.

On the show, Ahn Bo Hyun expressed his nervousness about his second appearance on radio.

I’ve been on another radio show to promote my movie before. I was nervous then, but I’m nervous this time as well because this is my first time on MBC.

— Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that ahead of his radio appearance, his agency gave him a stern warning about how to act.

When I talk, I’m the type to turn people off. So my agency told me to talk less.

— Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun is known for his serious facial expression and uncontrollable charisma when he stays still.

But in past reality programs, he showed fans that when he starts talking, he’s one of the most playful and silly men you could meet.

As such, his agency warns him not to talk as much when he’s out in public so that he doesn’t “ruin” his image.

But let’s get real.

That’s what everybody loves about him!

Source: Insight
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