Actress Ahn Eun Jin Directly Addresses Dating Rumors Between Her And Married Co-Star Namgoong Min

They acted in “My Dearest” together.

Ahn Eun Jin and Namgoong Min created a buzz with their chemistry as onscreen lovers in My Dearest. They were so good at their jobs that rumors about their offscreen relationship began to blossom. In a recent interview, Ahn Eun Jin directly addressed these rumors.

I’ve become a scapegoat to false news on YouTube. In one video, they talked about how Ahn Eun Jin and Namgoong Min became real life lovers. I’m so curious as to how they came up with such thoughts. Namgoong Min is married, so I’m so fascinated as to how people came up with such thoughts.

— Ahn Eun Jin

She was not angry though. Ahn Eun Jin chose to think of things on the positive side, blaming their good acting and chemistry onscreen. Even her mother was fooled by such rumors! Ahn Eun Jin’s mother came to question her once about it.

I’m so fascinated by how there can be smoke without fire. There used to be times when I’d watch melodramas and think the two leads would actually be dating when they really have good chemistry. But after I started acting, I simply thought of it as work. There are so many instances where it is completely not the case at all. There were times when I thought the leads might have something going on, and I asked out of curiosity, but it was completely not so.

— Ahn Eun Jin

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

Source: Chosun