“Dad! Where Are We Going?” Star’s Unrecognizable Transformation

“No trace of what he used to look like as a kid…”

Back in 2014, soccer legend Ahn Jung Hwan and his children, Ahn Ri Won and Ahn Ri Hwan, received a tremendous amount of love from the viewers of MBC‘s Dad! Where Are We Going? Season 2.

Ahn Jung Hwan (left) with Ahn Ri Hwan (right) for “Dad! Where Are We Going?” | MBC

Ahn Ri Hwan, who was seven at the time, had a whole fandom to himself for resembling his father—who, in his prime, was dubbed “Terrius” of Korea, straight out of a manga, for his good looks.

Ahn Jung Hwan in his 20s. | SBS

Fast forward almost a decade, Ahn Ri Hwan made an appearance in his mother’s YouTube video…

Young Ahn Ri Hwan on “Dad! Where Are We Going?” | MBC

…and his unrecognizable transformation has Koreans shocked!

A 9th grader now, and going by “Chris,” Ahn Ri Hwan is a whole teenager…

…and in addition to Ahn Ri Hwan’s resemblance to his mother, Koreans can’t wrap their heads around the teen’s “build”—taking after his super-athletic father!

| theqoo
  • “Whoa. He’s so mature now. He used to be a bright little kid, haha. He grew up so well.”
  • “Wow?! LOL. He used to be so small, but now he’s huge. This is so cool, haha. Everything about him feels so grown up!”
  • “Wait, what?! He’s that little baby?!”
  • “The lower half of his face reminds me of his father, but the upper half is 100% from his mom. Haha. What a great balance!”
  • “I’m-I’M BEING LIED TO. What the heck?! How do kids grow up so fast?!”
  • “Huh…??? When did he turn into a literal adult?”
  • “He looks like a college athlete.”
  • “9th grade?! He’s huge, though. I would’ve believed it if I was told he’s an adult.”
  • “When did he get so big?!”
  • “Wait, he’s in 9th grade? He’s so big.”
  • “Now, hang on a minute… Do kids normally grow up this fast?!”
  • “Wow, Ri Hwan! You’re such a big boy now. He’s so mature for a 9th grader, too.”
  • “I’m glad Ri Hwan is growing up so well. I wonder if he works out, though. He has such a good build!”

Online posts about Ahn Ri Hwan saw hundreds of comments about “Just how much he has grown up.”

| theqoo
  • “I can’t believe how fast time flies. He’s a whole man now. Ha!”
  • “WHAT?!”
  • “Wow… He got all of his mom’s genes. Like, I don’t see a whole lot of Ahn Jung Hwan now. But his build is from his father, he’s huge.”
  • “Huh. He looks EXACTLY like his mother…”
  • “No…?! He’s this big already? Time does really fly, huh? And… what do you mean he’s a 9th grader?!”
  • “He’s a carbon copy of his mom. No trace of what he used to look like as a kid.”
  • “WHAAAT??? He changed so much!”
  • “Ri Hwan…? You mean that Ri Hwan…? I binged all of his Dad! Where Are We Going? videos not too long ago. Are you telling me this is Ri Hwan?!”
  • “Wow… Time flies.”
  • “But he used to be such a baby!”
  • “If Ri Hwan was born in 2008, he’s 15 years old right now… I can’t believe how mature and strong he looks for his age! What a pleasant surprise. He’s going to grow up to be such a solid man.”
  • “Oh dang, he has that athlete look and vibe for sure.”

Back in 2022, Ahn Ri Hwan performed trumpet at Carnegie Hall as one of the winners of the New York International Music Competition. He picked up music as a passion when he was in 4th grade and has pursued it since.

The Lee Brothers from the same series have also grown up faster than the viewers could grasp. Check out their transformations here:

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Source: theqoo