Ahn Seo Hyun’s Father Claims She Was Unfairly Kicked Off The “School 2020” Cast

Ahn Seo Hyun met the drama’s PD just a few days ago.

Ahn Seo Hyun‘s father has come out in an interview to say his daughter was unfairly removed from the cast of School 2020.

Ahn Seo Hyun was cast as the female lead for School 2020 back in May 2019, and just recently was unilaterally notified of her removal from the cast. She had been preparing for script readings as the role of Na Geum Young, the daughter of a karaoke shop owner and student at the Life Science High School. Her co-star was Kim Yohan. She even posted a picture with him on March 9 in a now deleted post on her Instagram.

Her father spoke about her removal from the lineup in an exclusive interview with Star News.

We received the proposal for the drama in May of 2019. We even were reading the script with the PD for almost a year. Just a few days ago, we met with the PD and received an updated script. I’m dumbfounded.

Since last year, the production team for the drama has changed 3 times. When I try to talk to the CEO of the current production company about the contract, they would just say ‘we’ll do it later’ or ‘it hasn’t been organized yet’ or ‘just wait a little bit more’.

We read the script with Han PD just a few days ago, so we never suspected that they wouldn’t follow through with it. Recently, a new PD came to me and told me they were working on the contract. But there were differences from the first time we talked about it, and there were things that we didn’t talk about in the past. I think they said things that way so that we wouldn’t take the drama. The production company has been taking their time on the contract, delaying things, and creating a situation as if we should just drop out.

Not long ago, I received a message on my SNS from the head of the production company, saying she should drop out. But he wouldn’t pick up the phone when I called him. I never talked about Ahn Seo Hyun dropping out, but I got another message saying ‘why aren’t you dropping out?’. Ahn Seo Hyun and I don’t even want to fight against them and win. It would just be nice to get an apology. I hope that the opportunity in the future will come, to do better.

— Ahn Seo Hyun’s father

The interview comes days after it was hinted to the public that Ahn Seo Hyun was removed from the actor lineup. The production team of School 2020 has simply stated that Ahn Seo Hyun will not be part of the lineup for the drama, and that they are in discussions with Kim Sae Ron over the lead role.

Source: Osen