Ahn Yujin Hid A Secret, Sweet Message For Jang Wonyoung In Her Birthday Post

Did you spot it?

The Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung duo, both formerly of IZ*ONE, are known lovingly as the Annyeongz duo to fans. Recently, on Jang Wonyoung’s birthday, Ahn Yujin shared a sweet birthday message to her bestie.

Not only did she share the most adorable, playful video of the two of them backstage…

“We’re so cute, right?” | @_yujin_an/Instagram

…she also shared the most gorgeous photo of the birthday girl along with the caption, “Happy birthday! I took the photo well, right?

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

Upon closer inspection, fans realized that Ahn Yujin had hidden a secret message in the photograph. She had used a brown shade of font to hide the dedication in Wonyoung’s hair.

Don’t be sick. I already miss you, baby.

— Yujin

For those that are not yet aware, Jang Wonyoung was diagnosed with COVID-19 recently and is under self-isolation. We wish her a speedy recovery and a fast reunion with her Annyeongz unnie!