Ailee Reveals That Random People Have Been Hitting Up Her DMs For Money… But She’s Only Curious About One Thing

Just why?

Ailee recently revealed some of the more ridiculous DMs that have been sliding into her inbox. Apparently, strangers have been asking for her to lend them sums of cash. Puzzled, she only wanted to know one thing.

But why is it that people who DM me to ask me to lend them money, always ask for ₩30,000,000 KRW ($27,000 USD)…? Do you guys think that it’s an appropriate amount of money to borrow…? It’s definite that the people asking are all different, but I’m just curious because it’s all the same amount of money…

— Ailee

Indeed a curious occurring! Unfortunately, Ailee is not the only one that has been badgered by strangers for money. Previously it was revealed that IU had also been approached for a loan. Back in 2018, IU had revealed that she receives messages from time to time that contain the individual’s worries and ask for loans.

Surprisingly, IU had revealed that she did in fact, help a few of them out. She had been receiving messages from the same person over an extended period of time, leading her to feel that the person was in genuine need. However, after she had sent the money, the person had come back to ask for more instead of thanking her.

Perhaps being more discreet about it is the right way to go! Celebrities do not reply DMs often for this reason amongst many.

Source: Instiz and Star Today