Ailee and IU to face off head to head with fall comebacks

The two immensely popular female soloists are set to face off this fall with much-anticipated comebacks.

It has been revealed that both artists will be making comebacks this fall. Fans have expressed their excitement for the two comebacks by Ailee and IU.

Ailee has already announced her upcoming VIVID comeback despite a series of delays including from an injury. Her first full-length album will be released on September 30th. With this confirmed date, Ailee also shared a bright image teaser that showed her with dramatic, warm colored makeup. The comeback will show Ailee’s musical style as a bolder, clearer concept.

IU is also set to make a comeback this fall as a singer. This project marks a return to her singer-songwriter roots after her successful role as Cindy in Producer. Additionally, she and Park Myung Soo recently reigned the charts with their track from Infinite Challenge “Leon.” Although no further details about this album have been released, it has been reported that IU will be taking the lead as producer of this self-composed album. It is currently in the final stages of completion and will show IU’s musical abilities on a brand new scale.

[+ 1823, – 105] Heol IU I can’t wait

[+ 1296, – 93] I’m waiting heheheh

[+ 1185, – 81] I’m already dying from anticipation..

Source: news1 and Star News