IU preparing for a comeback with new album this fall

Songstress IU will finally be making a comeback this fall with a brand new album!

According to multiple music officials on September 21st, IU is aiming to release a new album this fall marking her return after a year and five months since releasing A Flower Bookmark in May 2014.

Although there is currently no confirmed release date, IU is putting the final touches on several songs and is already looking to coordinate her album’s release date. Fans can look forward to her new album even more as this is a release completely being led by IU as the leading producer. No other producers have been hired to help her, thus the album will show IU’s true colors as a talented singer-songwriter.

Since her last album release in 2014, IU has appeared in the hit variety-drama Producer as well as featuring in other artists’ singles including HIGH4, Ulala Session, and Seo Taiji. Additionally, she released a special single for fans titled Heart.

Source: Star News