AKMU’s Chanhyuk Addresses Sibling Conflict Controversy After He Unfollowed Suhyun’s Instagram Account

“There were articles talking about our disharmony…” — Chanhyuk

AKMU just held an online press conference for their new single, “HAPPENING”, where Chanhyuk and Suhyun addressed the recent sibling conflict controversy after Chanhyuk unfollowed Suhyun on Instagram.

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Keen-eyed netizens recently noticed that Chanhyuk stopped following Suhyun on Instagram while Suhyun was still following her big brother, sparking baseless sibling conflict rumors.

And during the press conference, Chanhyuk addressed the incident and expressed that he didn’t expect the kind of reaction it got.

I didn’t know it’d blow up so big. There were articles talking about our disharmony. The truth is, I did it without thinking. I just wanted to follow accounts that matched with my vibe better.

— Chanhyuk

Suhyun agreed with her brother and laughed about how unexpected the controversy was for her.

I only knew about it through the news when I woke up in the morning. They called our unfollowing a cute sibling conflict issue. We didn’t fight, we’re getting along well, and I’m fine with my brother unfollowing me.

— Suhyun

And she also added that some netizens thought it was strange that they followed each other, to begin with.

Some people were wondering if it was even normal for siblings to follow each other. It was a trivial thing, not an incident.

— Suhyun

Check out the harmonious siblings, new single, “HAPPENING” below:

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