AKMU’s Suhyun Once Revealed What She Hates Most About Singing With Brother Chanhyuk

“I feel like throwing up.” — Suhyun

AKMU recently expressed their surprise regarding the “controversy” that was sparked by Chanhyuk unfollowing Suhyun on Instagram, and in light of the clarification that everything is okay between the two siblings, Suhyun’s past confession of what she “hates” most about singing with her brother resurfaced online.


In a past episode of KBS‘s Happy Together 3, Yoo Jae Suk asked Suhyun if there is a downside to singing with her brother.

And Suhyun offered her honest answer.

The biggest downside is the fact that we can’t sing love songs. It’s hard to get into a love song together. How can I look him in the eyes and sing about loving him?

— Suhyun

Chanhyuk even added that they don’t even make proper hand hearts together.

When we make a hand heart, we do it backwards.

— Chanhyuk

In a previous interview, Suhyun even went as far as claiming that she wants to vomit when they sing love songs together.

When I sing a love song with Chanhyuk, I feel like throwing up.

— Suhyun

Following the two siblings’ controversy for Chanhyuk’s unfollowing of Suhyun’s Instagram account, Chanhyuk clarified on KBS’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook where they stressed that there is no disharmony whatsoever.

I just unfollowed her because her bling-bling account didn’t suit the rest of my feed. I didn’t know it would stir up controversy.

— Chanhyuk


Suhyun even expressed that she wishes to unfollow Chanhyuk for the same reason but stressed that that doesn’t mean there’s any problem between the two.

I wanted to unfollow him, too, but I kept him out of loyalty. I’ll unfollow him after the show. But there’s no problem.

— Suhyun

Makes sense.

They are siblings, after all.


Source: Insight