Clothing Brand Accused Of Plagiarizing BTS Removes Controversial Item

Alkaram took action, in response to ARMYs’ complaints.

Alkaram, a famous fashion brand from Pakistan, has removed an item in response to plagiarism accusations. On Twitter, word quickly spread about the striking similarities between this denim Kurta and BTS‘s Love Yourself cover designs.


The embroidery on the Kurta closely resembles these flowers designed by HuskyFox.


Fans quickly contacted Alkaram, voicing their concerns and asking the company to address the issue.


In response, Alkaram announced that they have removed the Kurta from its official website and is in the process of removing it from shelves. “The designer responsible is no longer associated with Alkaram,” they stated.


Now that BTS are world stars, plagiarism incidents are becoming more frequent. Thankfully, ARMY has their eyes (and ears) open for copyright incidents, like this.

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