Alleged Former Staffer Exposes Seo Ye Ji’s Verbal Abuse And Threats In An Explosive Tell-All 

“Do you remember threatening us like that?”

Actress Seo Ye Ji is under fire once again and this time, it’s because of an alleged former staffer.

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Seo Ye Ji has been the target of massive scrutiny ever since her skinship controversy went public just a few days ago. Since then, she has been the center of numerous other allegations, such as bullying accusations, dating scandals, and more. In light of it all, another claim has been brought to the attention of netizens after an alleged former staffer revealed a tell-all of their time working with the actress.

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A netizen claiming to be a former staffer posted a lengthy exposé revealing the alleged abuse that they suffered at the hands of the It’s Okay To Not Be Okay actress. The former staffer started off by sharing the horror the team felt whenever they had to work with Seo Ye Ji.

At our company, all of us would fight so that we wouldn’t have to work with Seo Ye Ji. I would cry and tell my company that I didn’t want to work with her, but they always told me to suck it up and do it to help further my career. I ended up working with her for a few years because of that.

— Netizen and alleged former staffer

This is when they started to share the verbal abuse that they endured while working with the actress. The alleged former staffer also shared the scary methods Seo Ye Ji would use to instill fear into her staff.

While working, she would always curse at us. I don’t think she knew the secondhand smoke that we would get, but she always smoked inside the car and would always make us buy her more cigarettes. If we made even the smallest mistakes, she would yell at us while blowing smoke in our faces.

— Netizen and alleged former staffer

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The original poster of this tell-all confessed that while they wanted to record evidence of all their experiences, they were unable to do so due to the constant phone checks that were required by the actress.

She would check our phones periodically so I was unable to record anything.

— Netizen and alleged former staffer

They continued by expressing their frustration towards the actress. They shared that everything revolved around the actress and how she was feeling that day. They revealed that if Seo Ye Ji was in a bad mood, it was expected that everyone matches her mood.

Whenever she said she was in a bad mood, she never ate anything and so we were unable to eat. She also told us that actors are people who work solely with their emotions so we were expected to give in to everything she wanted.

Are you the only human because you work with your emotions, Seo Ye Ji-sshi? What are we then, dogs and pigs? You curse at us and yell at us, do we not have emotions?

— Netizen and alleged former staffer

Alleged photo proof of Seo Ye Ji’s autograph | Nate Pann

The alleged former staffer also revealed that they were threatened by the actress numerous times whenever a bad rumor would circulate.

If there were bad rumors going around about her, she would come up to us and say, ‘I know it’s you guys. This industry is small, be careful with what you say or I will make it hard for you guys to get jobs.’ Do you remember threatening us like that?

I wanted to keep working in this industry so I didn’t say anything about you because I was scared of your threats. I regret not saying anything and letting the days pass as I suffered mental distress and verbal abuse while working for you.

— Netizen and alleged former staffer

After this shocking tell-all went live, netizens began to express their horror at the allegations made against the actress.

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  • “Omg…she’s f**king crazy…”
  • “It’s not okay to be a psycho”
  • “Wow she’s a real nut case”
  • ” ‘Her narcissism is so strong that she always signed things for us even when we didn’t ask’…what the f**k”
  • “I wonder if they thought her agency’s statement was insulting”
  • “I’m in such disbelief that all I can do is laugh…seriously, how did the industry continue to use someone like her. School violence, bullying, attitude controversy and boyfriend manipulation…she’s done it all”
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Seo Ye Ji has been receiving endless backlash for the past few days due to her involvement with Kim Jung Hyun and the alleged manipulation behind his hostile behavior. While the actress’s agency, Gold Medaliststepped forward to deny that Seo Ye Ji was the cause behind the controversy, no further statements have been made in regards to her other allegations.

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