Alleged Photos Of NewJeans’ “Intimidating” Security Detail Go Viral — Netizens Liken It To A Movie Scene

“Looks like a scene in the movies when the police go on raids…”

It is impossible to overstate the importance of having a security detail for K-Pop idols. Body guards play an important role in protecting both fans and idols who are often followed by crowds wherever they go.

One idol group, however, is going viral after alleged photos of its security detail were posted online.

On March 29, several photos, allegedly of NewJeans‘ security team, went viral across several online communities.

“The Level Of Security At NewJeans’ Official Schedule” went viral in several online communities | google

According to netizens, the photos were taken at an Apple event the group attended. The group looked fabulous, of course, with Haerin and Hyein going viral for their more mature look!

NewJeans at Apple event | theqoo

In the photos, NewJeans can be seen being guarded by a team of intimidating bodyguards. Several guards can be seen shielding the group with opened umbrellas to prevent pictures from being taken.

| theqoo

What really shocked netizens, however, was the number of guards that the group had. One photo allegedly shows 14 security guards lined up waiting for the idol group.

| theqoo

Netizens were shocked by the pictures, with some going as far as comparing the photos to a scene out of the Korean mafia movie New World.

Several netizens referenced the movie stating how the guards in the pictures look as if they had come straight out of the movie. Other netizens expressed surprise at the sheer amount of guards that were protecting the group.

  • “I thought this was a scene out of New World.”
  • “Looks like a scene in the movies when the police go on raids.”
  • “(Reminds me of) Suk Dong Chul’s funeral (scene in New World).”
  • “Hey, but is that Hanwoo (quote from New World).”
  • “Their security is more intense than politicians’.”
  • “Looks like that funeral scene from New World… The scene where Choi Min Suk is in the van taking pictures…”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo and fm korea