Alleged Sexual Assault Victims Of Soccer Player, Ki Sung Yong Sit Down For An Interview

They were in elementary school at the time.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying and sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

National soccer player, Ki Sung Yong was previously accused of sexually assaulting other former soccer players more than 20 years ago. While he has since firmly denied all the accusations, the alleged victims sat down for a tell-all in a recent interview with Korea JoongAng Daily.

FC Seoul soccer player, Ki Sung Yong | @official_kisy08/Instagram

The two victims, A and B shared their alleged firsthand experiences with the FC Seoul player in the exclusive interview. Victim A revealed that he had to engage in these sexual acts for 6 months when he was only in fifth grade.

Victim A then shared with Korea JoongAng Daily the lies he told in an effort to get out of having to engage in the sexual acts.

I will never forget the day that victim B and I were taken out of our dorms separately. I didn’t want to do it so I made up an excuse. My dad, who is a club official was on his way for an international game. I told them my dad was on a plane and I was worried about him. I started crying so a different sunbae came over to me and told that it was okay if I didn’t do anything that day.

During this time, I looked over at B who was engaging in the acts and we made eye contact.

— Victim A

Victim B agreed with A by revealing their memories of that specific day.

I remember that day clearly. A was able to get out of it and I felt a bit betrayed. After it was all over, we talked about it and I got bitter at A. I told them, ‘you got out of it by lying.’

— Victim B

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The two victims then shared the reason why they couldn’t say no to Ki Sung Yong and his inappropriate requests.

Violence is a normal part of the athletic world. I would get attacked often. They would knee the most sensitive part of my thighs all the time.

During the entire year, we were at the dorm more than we were at home. This is why we couldn’t tell our parents about it either.

— Victim A

Victim B confessed that he felt that it was his fault it was happening.

My home situation was difficult and honestly, I thought I was weak. I couldn’t use my family as an excuse like A did, so I just thought to myself, ‘I can’t get out of this, I just have to do it.’ I was only in elementary school, I was so young.

— Victim B

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They concluded their interview by revealing what it is that they want from Ki Sung Yong.

I don’t want his money nor do I need his money. I just want him to apologize.

— Victim A

During the time of the assaults, there were other people in the dorms. There are most likely witnesses and other victims. I would like for them to be brave and step forward.

— Victim B

| @official_kisy08/Instagram

While Ki Sung Yong personally denied the allegations, his soccer league has yet to make a statement.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily