American Journalist Gains Attention From ARMYs After Expressing Shock At BTS Only Being Nominated For One GRAMMY

ARMYs couldn’t agree more!

After leader RM accidentally revealed spoilers during their live broadcast, it was officially announced that BTS was nominated for a GRAMMY award in the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” for “Butter.”

Despite the excitement from fans, many were also disappointed that it was only one nomination, especially after the group’s success during the year, including making history at the American Music Awards.

The members of BTS at the AMAs | K-Pop Herald

Yet, it seems like ARMYs aren’t the only ones who were confused by the nominations. American journalist Kevin Frazier recently gained attention from fans after an interview he did with CBSN News.

The journalist shared his views on BTS and their nominations in the video, notably his shock at them only being nominated in one category.

Maybe the voting hadn’t gone global yet because they (BTS) weren’t in the big four categories.

— Kevin Frazier

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However, it wasn’t just the popularity of BTS and their lack of nominations that led to this conclusion and surprise. Frazier then looked at the group’s accomplishments over the years.

You thought a band like BTS, who continues to sell out stadiums and some of their other songs in their work, should’ve got nominated for the big four categories, but they did not.

— Kevin Frazier

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For Frazier, this is what stood out the most to him about the nominations. He also explained that BTS’s acclaim and fame are global and should’ve led to more recognition through the GRAMMY nominations.

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He wasn’t alone in the shock. To be nominated for the GRAMMYs, artists have to submit themselves in the categories. In October, a list was released, showing that BTS had submitted to be nominated in several categories, so being picked for only one was a shock to fans.

However, it isn’t the first time that the GRAMMYs treatment of BTS has been criticized. ARMYs noticed that while the other celebrity presenters were given descriptions, BTS did not have one under their name.

ARMYs also raised concerns when BTS appeared to announce another category of nominations for “Best Alternative Music Album.” While the other artists were given multiple categories to announce, the BTS members had to take turns to say the five nominees for this one category.

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These were several of many allegations of “double standards” shown to the group during the GRAMMYs nomination event. Although it is still a great honor to be nominated, fans believe that the group deserved more considering their achievements and success over the past year.

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