Amy Makes Official Apology To Wheesung

She apologized and finally put the issue to bed.

Television personality Amy has made an official apology to Wheesung.

Amy explained her side of the story in an interview with Edaily.

I was close friends with Wheesung in the past and we went to the same hospital before. I saw him get prescribed for medication and had a misunderstanding. I realized this later but Wheesung had been prescribed the drugs for treatment. This was confirmed in the prosecution investigations as well.

ㅡ Amy


In regard to her former claims that Wheesung plotted her sexual assault, she also clarified that it was all a misunderstanding.

Like the drug use, I was in a situation where I couldn’t help but have a misunderstanding. One of the acquaintances Wheesung and I knew came to my house on the day I was going under police investigations. In such a dangerous situation, it was a situation that I could easy misunderstand and I didn’t have a chance to change my thoughts.

ㅡ Amy


She continued to explain that both she and Wheesung moved on without clarifying the misunderstandings and expressed her apologetic feelings towards Wheesung, who empathized with her in this situation.

Thereafter, Wheesung did not know of this situation at all and I also realized that he was not involved. With many accumulated misunderstandings, time passed and I came to the point where I could not withstand the fear any longer. I am even more sorry towards Wheesung who said I was also a victim through the phone and understood me as a friend.

ㅡ Amy


She finally concluded by stating that she plans to put everything behind her and focus on living diligently.

I plan to put everything related to this behind me and live diligently with self-reflection.

ㅡ Amy


In April, Amy had revealed a male celebrity who took drugs with her and let her take the fall. The celebrity was later revealed to be Wheesung, who denied all accusations and released a phone conversation between himself and Amy revealing the truth.

Source: Dispatch