Full Translation Of Wheesung And Amy’s Phone Conversation About The Sexual Assault Allegations

He wanted to reveal the truth.

Earlier this week, TV personality, Amy, revealed that she was forced to take the fall for using drugs with a celebrity friend. She revealed that the friend backstabbed her by conspiring to film her getting sexually assaulted to keep her mouth shut.

Netizens followed the clues and began accusing singer Wheesung, who was known to be her good friend in the past. Wheesung immediately denied the accusations, but Amy posted another cryptic message before deleting all of her Instagram posts.


The story continues to develop as Wheesung released a recent phone call that he had with Amy about the allegations.

In the video, Wheesung’s agency claims that Amy called Wheesung after his statement of denial.

This is the Real Slow Company.

The following conversation happened on April 17, 2019 ay 5:40 pm. After Wheesung released his statement of denial, Amy called him around 10 pm.

We want to emphasize that Amy personally sought out Wheesung’s number and contacted him first.

Amy: Wheesung, it took me a lot of courage to call you.

About 5 hours after Wheesung’s official statement of denial, Amy called him first.

00:33 ~ 01:42 is Wheesung asking Amy who told her the story about the conspired sexual assault.

The muted person’s name (‘X’) is the person that Amy claims told her about the rumors that Wheesung planned to sexually assault her.

Wheesung: But there was one consistency in your testimony. There was just one.

Amy: What?

Wheesung: When you talked about X.

Amy: That’s right. X told me.

Wheesung: Right. That’s why I called X.


The agency then goes on to reveal another phone conversation Wheesung had with X. Wheesung asks X if he ever mentioned anything about getting Amy sexually assaulted. X confirms that Wheesung never conspired such a crime and emphasized that Wheesung always stood up for Amy.

But wait, there’s another phone call that happened before his conversation with Amy that everyone needs to know.

Before Amy called, Wheesung knew about ‘X’. He knew because back in 2013, Amy brought up a similar accusation, and ‘X’ was involved. There are news articles about it.

So in order to confirm the facts, [Wheesung] had a conversation with ‘X’.

Wheesung: I am… There’s no reason for me to say that… no reason… And to say that I planned that kind of… And murder… They first said I conspired to kill her but then later changed to rape. It keeps changing. Is that what Amy said? She said you told her.

X: Why would I tell her something like that?

Wheesung: I’m asking if it happened. Did I really say something like that?

X: There was no reason for you to say that and you were Amy’s closest friend. When I once cursed out Amy…

Wheesung: I went crazy at that time.

X: You got angry and fought with me.


Wheesung relayed the message to Amy during their conversation, where Amy realizes that there was a misunderstanding.

Amy is saying she heard from X that Wheesung was conspiring to have her sexually assaulted, but after Wheesung personally called X to confirm the details, X stated that there was no truth to it.

Wheesung: Did I really say that?

Amy: What did he say?

Wheesung: I asked him, ‘Did I even say anything remotely close to something like that? I fought with you whenever you picked on Amy, but did I ever ask you to do such a thing to block her from saying something? If I ever did something like that, please tell me. If I did, I want to be charged and punished right away.’

Amy: What did he say back?

Wheesung: He said there was no such thing and that he’ll appear in court if needed. I got it recorded.

Wheesung: What should I do? How should I continue living?



After listening to Wheesung’s explanation, Amy asks for Wheesung’s forgiveness saying she feels like “trash“. Wheesung then breaks down as he asks Amy why she spread the story. When Amy says she’ll explain everything again to the public, he struggles to speak between sobs as he claims no one will believe the truth now.

Wheesung has been wrongfully accused after being caught in between two people’s conflicting stories. If such a transcript [that Amy suggests] exists, he urges them to reveal it.

Through their phone call, Wheesung conveyed the misunderstanding to Amy. 03:20~05:18 is a recording of Amy affirming the situation and apologizing. She also vowed to rewrite her statement.

Wheesung: What do I do in a situation like this? Why did you do it?

Amy: After listening to your story, I feel like trash.

Wheesung: Why… I was your friend… This happened because of what you said.

Amy: I’ll rewrite what I said. I’ll say I was wrong.

Wheesung: You… You know you… Even if you say you were wrong, no one’s going to believe it!

Amy: They’ll believe it.

Wheesung: No! No one will believe it!

Amy: They’ll believe.

Wheesung: No, no one will believe it. Even my concert was canceled after this happened. All of my contracts fell through. How am I supposed to work now? Will I even be able to sing?

Amy: Please forgive me.

Wheesung: But you said you can’t forgive me.

Amy: No. I’m trash.

Wheesung: No one believes me. No one will believe me. How should I continue living?

Amy: No, I’ll turn it back around. I’ll receive all the hate. I’ll make sure to turn it around.

Wheesung: Why do you only see yourself? How can you only think of yourself? Even while facing this, I think you are…

Amy: To be honest, I had a guilty conscience towards you.

Wheesung: But why did I have to be a part of this? Why did I have to become this because of you?

After the phone call, Amy deleted the Instagram posts and hasn’t uploaded a new explanation since.


Despite her claims to write a new post, Amy hadn’t uploaded any new apology or explanations. Wheesung’s agency wrote out another official statement explaining why they decided to reveal the recorded phone conversation and asked the press and the netizens to stop spreading groundless rumors that wrongfully accuse innocent people.

This is the Real Slow Company.

First, we would like to confirm that both parties knew that they were being recorded. Also, there was no pre-planning that occurred before the phone call, and Amy personally contacted us first on April 17, 2019, around 10 pm.

We would like to emphasize again that there is no truth behind rumors about Wheesung conspiring a sexual assault.

This misunderstanding first occurred because Amy took a 3rd party’s wrongful information about Wheesung as truth. Wheesung explained the misunderstanding to Amy through their phone call. We’ve decided to take a stronger response against the untruthful rumors that continue to spread.

If the transcript that Amy talks about is real, we ask that they reveal it as soon as possible.

We believe Amy is also feeling confused. But the false stories need to stop spreading. We ask that you explain everything as soon as possible.

We emphasize once again.

6 years ago, [Wheesung] was cleared from accusations about using propofol after a highly extensive investigation. And the rumors about conspiring to sexually assault [Amy] is ‘completely untrue’. The recorded conversation was initiated by Amy who contacted Wheesung ‘first’.

Lastly, Wheesung was greatly affected psychologically from this vent, and the company has to face multiple lawsuits regarding broken contracts. We want to ask if it is right for a person and their family to be stepped upon like this all because of one person’s ‘selfish SNS post’ that wasn’t proven true. Who should we blame for all of this? We hope that there will be no more victims, and ask everyone to stop the witch hunt based off of untruthful rumors.

— Real Slow Company


Wheesung also uploaded a statement of his own. He explained that his company has already begun compiling lawsuits against media companies and netizens that have degraded his character based on false rumors. He apologized to his fans and the people affected by the cancellation of his concert.

He also revealed that he believes Amy may be a victim to this controversy as well and only asks that she apologizes if she wishes to with sincerity.

This is Wheesung.

On the night of April 17, Amy contacted me and gave me permission to release our phone conversation. However, it took me a long time of deliberation before I decided to release it. I’ve always thought and still think that Amy could be a victim of this situation, so I deliberated about releasing this countless times. But I decided that I couldn’t avoid releasing our phone conversation after seeing the multiple suspicions about me and the need for my fans’ objective opinion.

Amy clearly told me that she will officially apologize to me through a press interview. But I felt that a rushed apology during an emotional time, without confirming the facts, will only cause more issues. So I first asked Amy to take down the controversial SNS posts and to tell the truth to the reporter she initially interviewed with.

Amy agreed, and I asked her to refrain from taking any hasty actions. We deleted all of the parts from the phone conversation that was unrelated to this issue. I feel like I’ve already lost everything. Even so, I feel that it is Amy’s personal choice to apologize or not. If she does decide to apologize, I hope she apologizes with sincerity.

1. The reason why this response had to be late
Amy did not mention an actual name, and I could not react hastily during an emotionally weak situation. I had released an official statement of denial the day after the accusations arose, and I had collected proof to show my innocent.

2. The legal side of it
As this is a small company that relies on the singer named Wheesung, we couldn’t help but see a detrimental impact on our company. We’ve already begun compiling lawsuits against news companies and malicious commenters who have been spreading false rumors and attacking [Wheesung]’s character.

We promise that this aspect will be handled through until the end with great force.

3. Canceled collaboration concert
I do not plan on revisiting the legal actions that have already taken place, but I accepted the fact that it is difficult to hold a concert in the current situation. That is why K-Will and Wheesung’s collaborative concert was canceled. I am most regretful about this part. After everything has been resolved, we plan on discussing with event companies to prepare an even better bromance show.

Regardless, I apologize to Spring Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and my friend K-Will for receiving damages through this situation that I was involved in.

4. The lesson that must be learned
Everyone involved in this controversy could be victims. When this controversy spread like wildfire through the media reports, anyone could be substantially damaged from it. Rather than trying to understand the situation, I ask that you look at it from the hard facts with a neutral position, rather than a biased opinion based on emotions.

I hope that everything gets resolved well, and I apologize to everyone who’ve always supported me.

— Wheesung


Ever since the release of the phone conversation and Wheesung’s statement, Amy has uploaded one new post on her Instagram. The photo is an old picture of her and a friend, where she captioned it “Let’s lose weight and go back


So far, the netizens’ responses have been positive toward Wheesung. They expressed their condolences for the emotional and psychological damage he has received from the recent controversy. They also criticized Amy for failing to right her wrongs despite having the misunderstanding resolved.

Source: TV report