Wheesung Firmly Denies All Involvement In Forcing Amy To Take The Fall For Drug Use

He denied it was him.

Popular R&B soloist Wheesung was recently under fire as netizens believed that he was the “Celebrity A” that Amy was referring to when she revealed that she was forced to take the fall for both of their drug usage in the past.

In response, Wheesung’s agency has once again come out to deny the rumors, and even stated that Wheesung will accept any punishment if such allegations are proven true.

Hello, this is Wheesung’s agency Real Slow Entertainment.

We would like to make it clear that the allegations raised on April 16 through SNS about Wheesung are not true at all. There are definitely no truths about those rumors, and if there is any records or proof of the things the other party is claiming happening, he will be punished accordingly.

In 2013, Wheesung was already cleared of charges of taking Propofol while he was serving in the military. We would like to say again that he was investigated by the military prosecution at the time, and that he was cleared of the charges after proving that the Propofol was taken in accordance with the hospital’s treatment plan, and that there was a doctor prescription. He was also later investigated for using sleeping pills, but was given a suspension of indictment.

It is a big pain to Wheesung where he has to explain that these rumors are not true, and it was a difficult decision to relay his position. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by his past.

— Real Slow Company

Rumors flew about Wheesung being involved in this case after netizens pieced together the facts that Amy and Wheesung used to be very close friends, and that Wheesung was indeed using Propofol at the time, but for medical reasons.

Source: Osen
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