BTS’s Suga Exposes Anderson .Paak For Kissing Him When They First Met

Anderson .Paak even called Suga “Jagiya!”

BTS‘s Suga and American music artist Anderson .Paak have one of the best friendships in the music industry. But Suga revealed the surprising story of when they first met!

Anderson .Paak
BTS’s Suga

One half superduo Silk Sonic with Bruno Mars, .Paak has become a good friend to all the BTS members. He even followed all the members on Instagram when they created their personal accounts.


Anderson .Paak and his family are all ARMYs too. He even took his wife, Jae Lin, and his son, Soul Rasheed, to see BTS at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE L.A

Likewise, BTS attended Silk Sonic’s show in Las Vegas, hanging out with both Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars!

BTS and .Paak’s friendship has only continued to grow. Recently, he featured on RM‘s “Still Life” for his solo album Indigo.

Anderson .Paak also joined BTS as their drummer for ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’ @ ‘Proof’ Live.

Still, he and Suga have appeared to be particularly close as they were spotted having dinner. Now, Suga has revealed their unexpected first meeting.

Suga’s new Disney+ documentary SUGA: Road to D-DAY is finally out. Several of his famous friends are featured in it, including Halsey and Anderson .Paak.

In one moment, Suga and Anderson .Paak were sitting next to each other. The BTS rapper revealed that when .Paak first saw him that .Paak kissed him!

| Disney+

Suga: When we first met, he kissed me on my forehead.

Translator: You kissed him when you first saw him?

Anderson .Paak: I kissed you?

Anderson .Paak was initially surprised to hear what he had done, but he realized he was drunk then. So, he apologized before reenacting it. He even called Suga Jagiya, a Korean affectionate term for a significant other.

I was so drunk. I’m sorry. Sorry. My baby! Jagiya!

— Anderson .Paak


The doc truly showcased their fun friendship! Don’t forget to see more and stream it on Disney+.

Read more about Suga and Anderson .Paak’s friendship below.

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